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wildbrine Korean Style Kimchi

Korean Style Kimchi

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A gluten-free and completely vegan version of the classic Korean kimchi. Fermented for days in all the traditional spices, flavor, and richness that Korean peppers, sea veggies, and ginger can offer, yet without any of the fish sauce, MSG or sugar! 

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Gregory Latiak

Bought a jar of this stuff because our usual brands were unavailable. Have been eating kimchi for decades and am quite fond of the garlicky potency of korean kimchi. But your product had the smell of tomato juice to my nose, not garlic. Noticed the label lists garlic and ginger at the end of the list, after sesame seeds -- if this label follows the usual practice it is no surprise that it is hard to detect any garlic at all. And the hotness was quite different from our usual, which are all make with gochugaru red chili pepper powder. Am happy that some people like your product, but I am not one of them. The open jar will sit in the fridge until I can find something to use it in.

So Good!

I bought this for the first time a week ago, then went back for three more. I love it. It's also so good for you.

Cherie Rusk
Wait, what?? PB and Korean kimchi on an English muffin?

Yep. My go-to pre race (ultramarathon) fare. Keeps my guts good!

Fatima Miguel
This is by far the best kimchi EVER!!!

Can’t live without it :)

Brianna Marquez
Favorite store kimchi

Wish that I could buy this in a bigger container, I can go through 2 in one week. So good, perfect amount of spicy. Also wish this site had free shipping so I can try all the products my grocery store doesn’t carry!

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