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Caraway Apple Organic Sauerkraut
Caraway Apple Organic Sauerkraut
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Caraway Apple Organic Sauerkraut

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A wild twist on a classic Eastern European recipe. The sweetness of the apples lightens up the sour in the sauerkraut, and earthy caraway jumps out and says hello. Say hello back, will ya? 

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer M.
Absolutely delicious!

A nice, sweet twist to sauerkraut ❤️

My favorite sauerkraut yet

I am always rotating through new sauerkrauts/kimchis. Everytime I run out I like to try a different one or a new brand. I've tried several local, expensive sauerkrauts, this was by FAR my favorite sauerkraut to date! It is SO tasty. The small amount of caraway seeds give the most amazing flavor. I top my egg scrambles with this stuff and man, I find myself putting a heaping spoonful rather than just a dollop. I am currently eating their mild kimchi as well and its easily the best kimchi I've had... Wildbrine has it down!

Amazing for gut health

I have been a long time fan of the benefits of this sauerkraut for my gut health.
The flavor is perfect to enjoy as a small spoonful alone while recovering from a cold/flu or with an accompaniment while eating with family and friends.
I can’t get this in my home state anymore but so worth the shipping cost as an instant aid in gut recovery!

Liliane Bushman
Really good

This is a really nice savory sauerkraut. Just the right amount of flavor.

Perfect mix of flavors

I purchased this when it first came out. I was hesitant because I'm not a fan of caraway. Well, lo and behold, I'm hooked! It is the most delicious kraut I've ever had. The blend of cabbage, apple and caraway is perfect.

Give it try! You'll love it.

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